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Tranzfit Apparel provides a uniquely distinctive transition from personal life to personal fitness, this lifestyle blend sets a trend that everyone can join in.

It’s the apparel you want to wear everyday and everywhere!


Tranzfit Apparel is a lifestyle brand that combines fashion and fitness by offering modern materials, versatile clothing, and bold styles guaranteed to give the average fitness enthusiasts the upgrade they desire in their activewear and everyday wardrobe. Our high quality yet affordable brand is grasping the attention of people everywhere, making it easier to retire their traditional workout gear for stylish pieces that fit the individual personality and accentuates their physical structure. For the active and on-the-go person, Tranzfit Apparel eliminates the burden of finding time for a change of attire or carrying extra baggage. We provide a large selection of around the clock “Athletic & Athleisure Apparel.”

Tranzfit Apparel was created and launched from a passionate sports and extracurricular childhood lifestyle that developed into a fitness and health conscious adulthood lifestyle. The increasing attention around the owners’ dedicated routines and healthy living habits, combined with the noticeable physical results, helped them gain the support needed to produce an apparel line. This idea birthed an above average fitness apparel company that would match the transitional demands of an active lifestyle for themselves and everyone else.

The name “Tranzfit” was derived from the mission of the company to produce clothing that transcends from the gym atmosphere to functioning in your daily routines and favorite leisure activities. The product prides itself in providing rare and essential merchandise characteristics that differ from the competitors by combining affordability, quality, style, comfort, and functionality into all of our designs. New York City is the face of fashion where many people strive to look fashionable in all walks of life, Tranzfit Apparel makes that even more possible by being the go to company that can help you live good and look good too. We stand by our mission and mantra as the top brand to provide “Fashion, Functional, and Affordable Athletic & Athleisure Apparel.”

The Tranzfit Lifestyle

Fashion & Fitness Finds For All: Our brand is one of a kind in supplying universal fits for all shapes and sizes from tapered close looks for teens, young adults, and older adults- to more loose fits for everyone- to a variety of sizes ranging up to 3X plus. Consumers experience satisfaction in our high performance, carefully curated pieces that make anyone stand out from the crowd with the futuristic prints and eye catching details.


Tranzfit is proud to acknowledge our partnership with sharespace which provided us the opportunity to host 3 pop up events in the past year across NYC. The turnout and widespread word from our pop ups resulted in an abundance of sales that made it possible for the construction and opening of our flagship store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn during April of 2018. Our notable brand ambassadors consist of renowned public figures from social influencers to champion athletes including world ranked boxers Sadam Ali, Curtis Stevens, and Christopher “Lil B Hop” Colbert to name a few. 

Tranzfit Apparel also welcomes partnership initiatives for collaboration collections.

Non-Profit/Volunteer Contributions:

Tranzfit actively gives back to the greater NYC area through various community service initiatives and involvement. Some of our ongoing contributions include service and donations to The Eastside House Settlement and the NYC Marathon Fundraisers.

Location & Manufacturer: Our first retail location is an easy commute to the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY. All of our clothing is designed by our internal design team and manufactured in various locations based on the availability of top fabric and time sensitivity. 

Contact Information:

Email: tranzfitapparel@gmail.com

Tranzfit Apparel Store

693 Flushing ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Open Mon-Sat 11-7PM / Sun 12-5pm